The PC Version of GTA 5 will be a Full Version

The PC Version of GTA 5 will be a Full Version

Players around the world have been eagerly looking forward for Rockstar Games to launch the PC version of GTA 5, especially after the announcement they made. The first PC version of Grand Theft Auto game had already become very famous by the time they released the console versions for the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms in 2013. Fast forward to the present time, one year has now passed and the development team has added many new features into the PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA 5 game. For the upcoming launch of the PC version of GTA 5 game, Rockstar Games wants to use the best graphics quality. They also want to make the game completely customizable. Will GTA 5 be the best version of the Grand Theft Auto Series? Is it worthwhile to buy the PC version if you already own the console versions?

Grand Theft Auto 5 has one of the best storylines. There are 3 important characters in GTA 5. Each of the characters come from a different background. In this game, they will be cooperating together to carry out the mission campaigns. There will be lots of conversations that take place between the in-game characters. The graphic quality is sharp and you can see lots of facial details of the in-game characters. You can control the character with your mouse, keyboard and video game controller. The mouse and keyboard is best for players who are playing the game in first person view.

Rockstar Games hopes that they will come up with a game that has high graphic quality and many exciting new features. Players will be able to completely customize their gameplays in GTA 5. The graphic quality of the single player game is up to 4K resolution. The graphic quality of GTA 5 Online can reach up to 1080p resolution and 60 fps. The review as of this writing is conducted on an old system equipped with a AMD Radeon 6870 graphic card and 3.0 ghz AMD quad core CPU processor. You can customize your gameplay with various types of settings from the game menu. You can found out how much memory will be consumed from the game menu. GTA 5 can operate on 3 types pf Direct X models. There are also other graphical settings to choose from. One complaint that I have is that I have to reset the game whenever I use a different graphic feature. It took me quite a while to load the game. The online version take even longer to load.

GTA 5 is compatible with various types of gaming hardware. GTA 4 had some compatibility issues with AMD gradphic cards but GTA 5 seems to have no such problem. The game features bright lighting and vibrant colors. The 3D playable characters look just like a real human beings. You will be able to see many details of the objects in the surrounding environment in the game. Every car features a detailed interior. The defects on the old car look very real. If your computer is equipped with a low end hardware, you may experience some problems during the gameplay.

The dialogues that take place between the in-game characters in GTA 5 are the best compared to other first person shooter games. The voice quality, conversations and jokes between the characters are good. There is a new radio channel called The Lab FM that features music you have never heard before in previous versions. If you don’t like to listen to the music broadcast on the radio channel, you can use the Self Radio feature to listen to other types of music such as classical and jazz. The game features its own background music and radio channels. The commercials that interrupt between the radio shows are unique to the game.

Both the single player and multiplayer online games offer fabulous storylines. You can import the characters from the console versions into the online version. Before you can play GTA Online, you need to sign up for an account at Social Club. After signing up for an account at Social Club, you can enter into Los Santos to start playing the game. You can add up to 30 players to the GTA Online. The recent DLC updates have released 13 modes including the heist and adversary modes. The requirements to access Heist mode is to reach level 12 and buy an expensive apartment. It is not difficult to advance to a higher level because you can team up with your friends to carry out the missions and earn money. Most players will complain about the slow loading of the online game at some points but this usually only happen when there are lots of players online.

GTA Online provides lots of fun stuff for players to do. You get to customize the storyline of the game. In the PC version, the Rockstar Editor lets you customize the storyline of the game. GTA Online allows players to record a movie on their gameplays. With the Director Mode, you will be able to add your own song track and use any in-game character to create the game scene. You will be able to use animals and people you found anywhere in the game.It is unusual for a developer to release various versions of a game at different time. The reason is that the development team need some time to create the specific version of the game. So far, they have done a good job in every single version of GTA 5 game they released.  With the PC version of GTA 5, there is no need for your computer to be equipped with high end hardware to attain high graphic quality and fast loading time. Have you make up your mind to buy the PS4 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA 5 now? Now is the time to take action to buy the game if you have been waiting for a long time for the GTA 5 hacks online game to be released.

Overall Rating: 5/5


– Beautiful graphic display without having to use high end graphic card.

– Players can import their characters from the console versions.

– Complete suite with comprehensive features



– Have to reset the game every time you make changes to the graphical setting

– It only offer a resolution of up to 1080 p and a frame rate of up to 60 fps

– Slow loading when playing the game online

The latest update in GTA 5 Online allows a two person team robbery. The GTA 5 update which has been long anticipated by players around the world has arrived. Rockstar Games launched the heist mission mode in GTA 5 Online on the 10th March.

The heist mission mode gives players the opportunities to team up with their friends to carry out a  robbery and earn a large sum of money. The first heist that you carry out will be a two person team robbery. You only get to team up with 4 players when you advance to higher levels. Players who like to play in small teams will be glad to hear this news.

Every player needs to undergo training and complete a number of missions before they can carry out a real heist in the game. During the training, you will learn how to lookout for your enemies from a far away location. You will also learn how to obtain the weapons you need for completing the missions. The pre-heist planning mode will train you to become skilled in your role in the heist. For example, if your role is a hacker, you will learn how to hack into a safe in the training mode.

Players will get a bonus when they successfully carry out the first heist in the GTA 5 Online. You can replay the heist by giving Lester a phone call. New items will be unlocked when you complete selected heist missions. For instance, you use an armored supercar to complete the first heist mission in GTA 5. When you finish the first mission, you will be able to unlock a better armored vehicle.

GTA 5 Online can now be accessed via different consoles including Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3. The coop heist mission will be launched along with the PC version in the following month.

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