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Rockstar Games Offers New Updates on Hacking Issue and Patches for GTA 5 Online


Rockstar Games has given some new updates on the money hack problem in the GTA 5 Online. On the 27th December, one player requested them to disable the Share Money and Set Bounty features until they have fixed the money hack problem. The representative’s response is that Rockstar Games ‘ team is doing their best to fix the problem. The representative also informed the player that Rockstar will launch a few patches to prevent the money hack cheats from working. You can visit the slideshow to the left to browse some screenshots on GTA Online: Rockstar Games hoped that they will be able to eliminate the hackers in the GTA 5 Online with the release of the patches. They will also be removing the illicit in-game currency in the players’ accounts. Many players have been placed on bounties with the value as high as a few millions dollars. This leads to an unfair economy environment in the game. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA 5 were launched on the 17th September. The multiplayer GTA 5 Online generator was launched on the 1st October.

Players Can Hack ATM To Generate Lots of Profits in GTA 5


Rockstar Games is releasing more and more details on the gameplay modes in GTA 5. On the 18th July, Gameranx reported that the Spanish game site, AreaJugones released some new details on the open world adventure game. The latest update will enable players to hack ATMs in the Los Santos County by carrying out minigame sequences in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game. Besides, players will be able to check the balance of the bank accounts of the playable characters in the game. This provide a nonĀ  violent method for players to rob the bank. GTA 5 is still under development. They will be releasing the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game on the 17th September.


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